Our next clinician will be Ellen Ofstad
from Norway and Sweden.

November 2 - 3- 4 - 5, 2018


Ellen Ofstad is from Fredrikstad, Norway. She has worked as a full time trainer and instructor since 1984 throughout Scandinavia, the Middle East and the United States. Ellen has, during this time, studied horses and their psychology, and many training methods. She speaks English very well and is easy to understand.


What would you like you and your horse to do?

Ellen holds individual lessons where the owners themselves work with Ellen and their own horse. So anything is possible. Want to learn to ride without tack?

Since there is only room for up to 10 horses, it is important to register early.

Ellen will work with you and your horse to create a better relationship and understanding between you. She will work on exercises from the ground and in the saddle.

There will be horses to work with, if you are not able to bring a horse. 

There is a lot to learn from watching others and listening to Ellen if you aren't able to work personally with her.



Four Day Clinic: $100 for an individual lesson
OR $250 for 3 individual lessons

Auditing: Donation to church.


Living for the Brand Cowboy Church
(Covered Arena with Bleachers)

902 NE Loop 7
Athens, Texas 75752

Save a slot: E-mail Paula Sue (paulasueswope @ gmail .com)

Private Lessons at Prairie Creek Ranch by the hour.
November 6 - 9th
Contact Paula Sue for more information and to schedule your lesson.

4 Day Course

The course usually begins on Friday. On this day Ellen demonstrates what she will be teaching. This day is important for how the horses work the rest of the weekend; The horses get an opportunity to get a little acquaintance with the place and Ellen gets an overview of each participant's  horse, equipment and can schedule the training for the weekend.

Each person will get 3 hour or more lessons, depending on the horse and the owner and what is happening. Here Ellen will give the participant exercises where everyone, including the spectators, gets a task they will do.

We are limited in our hours at the arena, so each person will get 3 individual lessons with Ellen through Sat, Sun and Monday.

The benefits of this workout are many, among other things, you can use this to train/exercise horses that for some reason can not be ridden.